When you’re looking to invest in property abroad, achieving a good investment return is as important as the lifestyle your new place in the sun provides. Make the right choices, and you can easily be looking at capital growth of 9% a year, with rental yields predicted at 6-9% a year.

For many, a golden rule is to look beyond the obvious locations. So while France, Spain and other Mediterranean resorts are hitting saturation point, more exciting destinations and investment returns can be found by looking further afield. Up and coming locations offer the greatest potential for excellent investment returns.

Smarter investors are looking to identify emerging markets such as Mexico, Africa and Dubai. Investing in emerging property markets overseas also allows you to diversify your portfolio by adding property in locations where demand is likely to be high. With fewer properties to meet that demand, values and yields are increased.

Predicted capital growth of up 9%

Ask yourself…

  • Is there a stable government and a thriving local economy?
  • Does the location have a proven track record in producing excellent investment returns?
  • Is your property in a naturally beautiful location?
  • Is there potential for lots of activities, such as diving, snorkling, quad biking, kite surfing, surfing, windsurfing and walking?
  • What is the weather like throughout the year?
  • How easy is it to get to? Do UK airlines fly there frequently?
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